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Bill Clinton: A New Face to Easternization of the West

“every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”

It is not surprising that Americans have begun to feel spiritually starved as our endless quest for material possessions and technological advancements proves a bottomless unquenchable thirst.   As technology continues to make our lives easier, human interactions have been reduced to impersonal platforms as we all feel naked leaving the house without our smart phones and huddle in our living rooms texting rather than actually meeting with our friends and families.  We Americans continue to gain ever more time through technology, only to spend it away trying to fill our lives with more ‘things.’   As a way to cope with the added stresses of daily living, many of us have begun to search for relief.

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Just a few days ago news broke that even Bill Clinton turns to meditation for mental relief and an overall sense of well being.  In an age of globalization where Westerners aim to spread their ideals, ideologies, and products across the world, so to do the ideas of the East infiltrate the West in unexpected ways.  Recently the UT San Diego estimated that over 1.2 million Americans practice Buddhism with other scholars estimating it to be even higher at around 6.7 million.  Even though still just a sliver of the American population the swelling numbers speak for themselves.  We all could benefit greatly from Buddha’s message for compassion for self and one another and the cultivation of inner peace.

As the Buddha put it “every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”  What will you do to quiet your anxious mind?  I choose to look upon the East for wisdom that has been lost in the west.   Bring a Buddha statue into your home and enjoy the added peace of Buddha’s messages into your heart.

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