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Garden Buddha Statues

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Stone Seated Devi Tara Statue 67" $9,900.00
Large Stone Buddha Head Statue 51" $7,800.00
Stone Sculpture of the Buddha's Footprints 18" $1,290.00
Large Brass Chiang Saen, Thai Buddha Statue 58" $9,900.00
Large Stone Garden Teaching Buddha Sculpture 46" $2,995.00
White Marble Standing Kwan Yin Statue 57" $4,225.00
Thai Songachai Fat & Happy Buddha Sculpture 37" $4,990.00
Stone Bhumisparsha Garden Buddha with Malas 40" $1,950.00
White Marble Large Standing Kwan Yin Statue 59" $4,250.00
Stone Earth Touching Buddha with Alms Bowl 41" $1,990.00
Stone Varada Mudra Buddha Sculpture 39" $1,990.00
Stone Meditating Buddha with Rippling Robes 39" $1,990.00
Stone Garden Buddha Holding Alms Bowl 32" $1,450.00
Stone Earth Touching Buddha Garden Sculpture 36" $1,785.00
Stone Dhyana Mudra Meditating Buddha Statue 37" $1,785.00
Stone Meditating Buddha with Flame Finial 35" $1,695.00
Stone Earth Touching Buddha Wearing Malas 32" $1,250.00
Stone Resting Garden Buddha Sculpture 27" $1,890.00
Large Buddha Outdoor Garden Fountain Statue 72" $5,890.00
PREORDER Large Buddha Bust Fountain Head Statue 59" $3,890.00
Stone Garden Buddha Bust with Long Earlobes 24" $795.00
Stone Namaste Buddha Sculpture 31" $1,490.00
Stone Meditating Buddha Garden Statue 31" $1,250.00
Stone Earth Touching Garden Buddha Sculpture 28" $1,150.00
Stone Buddha Bust Garden Sculpture 28" $880.00
Stone Meditating Garden Buddha Sculpture 32" $1,450.00
Large White Marble Meditating Buddha Statue 68" $13,500.00
Large Black Marble Garden Buddha Statue 70" $12,500.00
Marble Earth Touching Buddha Garden Statue 46" $4,500.00
Stone Saffron Meditating Buddha Garden Statue 29" $1,125.00
Stone Garden Buddha, Varada & Abhaya Mudra 39" $1,250.00
Stone Resting Buddha Statue with Brocade Robes 31" $1,550.00
Stone Earth Touching Garden Buddha Statue 38" $1,990.00
Burmese White Alabaster Buddha Statue 29" $1,499.00
White Alabaster Burmese Buddha Sculpture 24" $1,349.00
Burmese Alabaster Earth Touching Buddha 31" $1,799.00
Custom Stone Stunning Devi Tara Garden Statue 51" $6,800.00

Garden Buddha Statues

Turn any outdoor setting into a peaceful refuge or Zen meditation garden. Browse through our selection of large and small Buddha garden statues. If you do not see what you like, Lotus Sculpture can carve a custom Buddha statue to your specifications in any size or material. Please contact us if you have any questions at [email protected] or (760) 994-4455.

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