A Hindu Puja Ceremony in a Home in the USA

"Thanks once again for finding such a gem of a sculpture. I cannot take my eyes off Him sometimes."

~ Vinod ~
Vinadhara Worship, Puja, Hindu Puja, Hinduism Worship

Puja (pooja) is a religious ritual which most Hindus perform every morning after bathing and dressing, but prior to taking any food or drink. Puja is seen as a way of relating humans to the domain, as well as actions of the divine, and can be performed for anything considered divine, from Vishnu to a holy tree. Puja takes many forms, the simplest of which is darsan, gazing upon an image. The image is not believed to be divine itself; rather, it embodies the divine energy of the deity and provides a connection to the Hindu God or Goddess.

Vinadhara Worhip, Hindu Worship, Vinadhara

Puja also usually includes providing an offering to the object of puja, such as flowers or food, and possibly lighting a candle or incense. The ritual may be observed in silence or accompanied by prayers. Hindu priests chant prayers in Sanskrit or another language while performing puja. Puja may be performed by an individual worshipper or in gatherings. Sometimes a puja is done for the benefit of certain people, for whom priests or relatives ask blessings.

One of our valued customers was kind enough to share his story with us and we would love nothing more than to share his story with all of our customers. His name is Vinod and he had recently moved. It is a Hindu tradition to have a special house warming ceremony upon moving. Lotus Sculpture was honored to have one of our statues be the focal point of this puja ceremony for Vinod and his family. The following is his personal message to Lotus Sculpture which we were delighted to receive!

Vinadhara Worship, Puja, Hindu Puja, Hinduism Worship

"Attached are a few pictures I wanted to share with you. They are from the Hindu house warming ceremony that was performed at our new place on the 22nd of June. We have finally moved!!! The priest came in at 5:00 AM - yes!! AM! He was absolutely captivated by the Vinadhara occupying the place of pride in our house - He is the first sight when you open the front door - almost like a sanctum - you open the door and see Vinadhara at the end of the foyer through the living room. The priest was so taken by His beauty that he wanted the entire ceremony performed at His feet. It was a beautiful sight as the priest adorned Him with some clothes and flowers - much like a temple idol. The whole setup was so beautiful that we did not have the heart to remove it after the ceremony. Even when a small group of people came home to a home-cooked vegetarian dinner that evening, Vinadhara was the topic of discussion for a long time! Not to mention that He was the most photographed!"

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