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Thai Brass Buddha Statues

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Brass Earth Touching Sukhothai Buddha 18" $295.00
Antique Gold Leaf Thai Buddha Statue 44" $4950.00
Brass Royal Sukhothai Walking Buddha 56" $2495.00
Large Golden Uttong Thai Style Buddha Statue 52" $5900.00
Brass Royal Uttong Style Thai Buddha Statue 27" $635.00
Meditating Japanese Buddha in Full Robes 15" $295.00
Brass Thai Ayutthaya Style Buddha On Boat 22" $395.00
Sukhothai Buddha Statue on Boat Base 21" $375.00
Brass Thai Earth Touching Buddha Statue 18" $345.00
Thai Fat and Happy Songachai Buddha Statue 12" $250.00
Brass Songachai Fat Buddha Gold In Hand 15" $265.00
Songachai Fat Thai Buddha Hands On Belly 12" $260.00
Thai Brass 9 Faced Meditating Buddha Statue 11" $95.00
Fat Thai Songachai Buddha Hands On Belly 15" $265.00
Thai Brass Meditating Royal Buddha Statue 20" $380.00
Thai Brass Cheansen Style Buddha Statue 15" $275.00
Brass Songachai Seated Fat Buddha Statue 12" $260.00
Thai Brass Uttong Style Buddha On Boat 21" $375.00
Brass Sontorn Style Meditating Thai Buddha Statue 21" $625.00
Brass Praying Namaste Thai Monk Statue 17" $485.00
Antique Gold Leaf Buddhist Monk Statue 26" $1550.00
Antique Gold Chanting Monk with Fan Statue 26" $1550.00
Thai Uttong Style Buddha Statue 17" $295.00
Thai Brocade Robe Earth Touching Buddha 44" $5500.00
CUSTOM Brass Meditating Starving Buddha 42" $4835.00
Thai Buddha Statue Seated On Dragon Throne 35" $2200.00
Thai Brass Gupta Style Buddha Statue 73" $9575.00
Brass Sri Lankan Style Meditating Buddha 11" $149.00
Brass Small Fat Buddha Statue 8" $79.00
Brass Thai Cheansan Style Buddha Statue 15" $230.00
Brass Sri Lankan Buddha in Different Mudras 13" $275.00
Brass Ayutthaya Buddha with Alms Bowl 24" $425.00
Thai Royal Chiang Rung Abhaya Buddha Statue 22" $650.00
Royal Thai Buddha With Golden Siraschakra 25" $650.00
Brass Thai Earth Touching Royal Buddha Statue 29" $1275.00
Brass Royal Ayutthaya Buddha Statue 54" $4990.00
Brass Royal Earth Touching Thai Buddha 47" $5250.00
Sukhothai Buddha Earth Touching Statue 38" $2200.00
Brass Gold Leaf Sukhothai Buddha Statue 48" $5550.00
Brass Antique Gold Leaf Gandhara Buddha 27" $1950.00
Thai Walking Sukhothai Buddha Statue 55" $2495.00
Brass Golden Japanese Teaching Buddha Statue 36" $2695.00
Brass Antique Patina Gandhara Teaching Buddha 27" $1950.00
Thai Brass Royal Ayutthaya Buddha Statue 27" $635.00
Thai Brass Ayutthaya Buddha Statue 27" $635.00
Brass Gandhara Style Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha 27" $1950.00
Brass Gandhara Meditating Buddha Sculpture 26" $1100.00
Brass Sukhothai Earth Touching Buddha Statue 29" $695.00

Thai Brass Buddha Statues

Lotus Sculpture carries a wide variety of Thai Buddhist statues in many different styles and sizes for both home altars and outdoor gardens. We carry Sukhothai, Gandhara, Chiang Saen, Lanna, Laotian, Burmese and Modern Thai Buddha statues. View all our Thai Buddha statues to see which one best suits your home, garden or temple.

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