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Mr Will, Fat and Happy Buddha Carver

I first met Mr Will in my 2nd trip ever to Bali back in 2002.  He was one of the workers with his family business of carving Fat and Happy Buddha statues.  What I noticed then about him 16 years ago is the same thing I see today in him.  He has an enormous, infectious and overwhelming smile!

Mr Will carving a large wooden fat Buddha statue.
Will carving a large 5 foot tall fat and happy Buddha statue with children

His workshop is situated next to his home where he now lives with his wife and 3 children.  In the 17 years I have known him he has taken over the family business and continues to carve only fat and happy Buddha statues which are his specialty. 

"He carves his own spirit and energy into the faces of each Buddha making them glow with happiness and abundance!"

He has an unmistakable style.  It is known in Bali that artists who carve statues often model the faces of their sculptures after their own portrait.  No where is this more apparent then in the faces of Mr Will's smiling fat Buddha sculptures.  He carves his own spirit and energy into the faces of each Buddha making them glow with happiness and abundance!


All Lotus Sculpture's wooden Fat and Happy Buddha statues are hand carved by Mr Will.  I wanted to help him and his family even more.  I recently had an idea to carry more masks and wall hangings.  I thought Will's Buddha faces would be perfect for this.  In my last trip to Bali we discussed this and he said he could do it for me!  I was overjoyed when I saw the masks first hand in my warehouse.  They came out even better than I anticipated with the natural grains of the wood giving even more personality to the Buddha mask! 

Beautiful Buddha masks

Click here to view all of Mr Wills Fat and Happy Buddha Statues and Masks

I have been incredibly fortunate to have found great artists who are also good people. 

Kyle with Mr will

Written by Kyle, founder of Lotus Sculpture and overall fan of good people around the world

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