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Masterpiece South Indian Panchaloha Bronze Dancing Ganesh Statue with 6 Arms & Rat 60" $34999.00
Panchaloha Bronze, Golden Ice Brass, Copper Krishna, Arjuna, Chariot with 8 Horses 60" $29999.00
Masterpiece Copper Shiva, Parvati & Nandi 16" $16900.00
Tall Thai Brass Standing Gupta Style Vitarka Mudra of Teaching Buddha Statue 73" $9499.00
Masterpiece Narasimha & Hiranyaksha Statue in 4 Metals; Bronze, Ice brass, Pewter, Copper 37" $13299.00
Masterpiece Stone Bearded Shiva Statue Holding Arrow with Cobra Encircling the Shaft 31" $3599.00
Masterpiece Carved Marble Meditating Hindu God of Destruction Shiva Statue 54" $11499.00
Antique Large Standing Graceful Buddha Statue with Hand Raised in Abhaya Mudra 74" $11999.00
Masterpiece Kwan Yin with 3 Dragons, Long Nue, & Shan Tsai Carved from the Root of Tree 83" $15899.00
PREORDER Enormous 20 Foot Tall White Marble Bodhisattva of Compassione Kwan Yin 244" $69999.00
Masterpiece Marble Starving Emaciated Buddha Statue Capturing Buddha's Fasting Stage 59" $12499.00
Brass Tibetan Bodhisattva Seated in Half Lotus or Ardhapadmasana Position in Abhaya Mudra 44" $5999.00

Hindu & Buddhist Masterpiece Statues

Hindu Art and Buddhist art at its zenith.  A masterpiece is a sculpture that is perfect in every way.  Perfection in the proportion of the limbs to the torso, the posture of the figure, the details on the ornaments, the beauty of the face, the serenity of the smile and the precision of the fingernails and toenails are all inherent characteristics of a sculpture of master quality. Lotus Sculpture carries a wide selection of masterpieces, including bronze Hindu god statues, marble sculptures, and many more. 

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