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Ganesh Statues

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Bronze Ganesh Statue Playing the Flute 22" $1995.00
Large Bronze Ganesha Seated On Lion Statue 41" $16500.00
Bronze Ganesha Statue Playing the Flute 22" $2295.00
Masterpiece Bronze Dancing Ganesh Statue 60" $35000.00
Bronze Ganesha Statue With Hand on Kaliya 25" $2475.00
Makrana Marble Ganesh Statue with Rat 23.5" $2390.00
Custom Large Seated Ganesh 74"Full Price $30000 $10000.00
Custom Large Ganesh Statue With 2 Rats 81" $11000.00
Custom Large Dancing Ganesh Statue 82" $9500.00
Custom Granite Large Dancing Ganesh Statue 108" $12000.00
Stone Dancing Garden Ganesh Statue 68" $13900.00
Bronze Beautiful Ganesh Statue with 4 Arms 25" $2899.00

Hindu God Ganesh Statues

The chubby, gentle, wise, elephant-headed Ganesh, or Ganesha, is one of Hinduisms most popular deities. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, the deity whom worshipers first acknowledge when they visit a temple. Ganesh is also patron of letters and of learning; Ganesh is the legendary scribe who, using his broken tusk, which he often holds, wrote down parts of the Mahabharata epic.  Here is our complete selection of statues of the Hindu god Ganesh.

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