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Bangladeshi Bronze Statues

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Bronze Bowl with 6 Scenes of Buddha's Life 11" $1499.00
Bronze Jain Tri-Tirthankara Statue 20" $3108.00
Bronze Kashmiri Buddha Statue with 16 Figures 20" $2450.00
Bronze Buddha Statue with 2 Devotees 13" $990.00
Bronze Laying Parvati with Ganesh & Murugan 16" $1999.00
Hand Made Bronze Puja Vessel 7.5" $190.00
Bronze Puja Cup with Handle & Spout 7" $190.00
Bronze Vishnu with Bhudevi & Sridevi 16" $999.00
Bronze Jain Mahavira with 24 Tirthankaras 35" $4890.00
Bangaldeshi Bronze Buddha Head 7" $595.00
Bronze Buddha Head 9" $790.00

Bangladeshi Bronze Statues of Hindu Gods & Lord Buddha

Lotus Sculpture is the only gallery in the world offering Hindu, Buddhist and Jain bronze sculpture from Bangladesh! Bronze Casting of Hindu statues in Bangladesh is a tradition that stretches back to the 8th century and the Pala Dynasty of eastern India. Today the art form is almost extinguished. After the partition of India and the exodus of Hindus from the now Muslim Bangladesh, bronze casting of Hindu statues has almost disappeared in Bangladesh. Now there are only four people in the entire country of Bangladesh who still cast bronze lost wax method statues of Hindu Gods! Your patronage helps to keep alive this endangered art form.

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