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Indian Brass Buddha Statues

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Brass Indian Buddha Statue in the Earth Touching Position Decorated with Inlay Colored Stones 22" $899.00
Brass Indian Style Buddha Statue in Earth Touching Gesture with Colored Stones 12" $699.00
Brass Indian Buddha Statue Holding Alms Bowl in Earth Touching & Meditation Mudras 21" $799.00
Brass Indian Buddha Statue In Earth Touching Mudra Wearing Earrings Holding Alms Bowl 24" $1199.00
Brass Large Indian Buddha with Colored Stone with Alms Bowl on Double Lotus Base 24" $1999.00
Brass Earth Touching Indian Buddha Statue with Swirl for 3rd Eye & Earrings 15" $459.00
Brass Buddha Statue with Elongated Earlobes Holding Alms Bowl Seated on Lotus Base 14" $279.00
Brass Earth Touching Buddha Decorated with Stones with Alms Bowl in His Palm 16" $969.00
Large Brass Resting Buddha Statue, Dreaming Buddha with Handsome Face & Brocade Robes 28" $2199.00
Large Brass Black Buddha Head with Introspective Eyes, Stretched Earlobes & Seashell Hair 29" $2249.00
Brass Small Buddha Head Statue Perfect Inexpensive Gift for Buddhist Practioner 2.5" $24.00
Brass Teaching Buddha Statue Seated in Full Lotus Position on Lotus Base Holding Alms Bowl 16" $699.00

Indian Brass Buddha Statues

Indian Buddha statues have a unique style that differs from Buddha statues from other Asian countries.  Each of our brass Indian Buddha statues are hand made and unque both in style and craftsmanship.  The owner, Kyle Tortora, travels to India to hand select each Indian Buddha statue for our store. The Buddha has his origins in India so it is only fitting to offer brass Indian Buddha statues. 

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