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Bronze Buddhist Statues

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Bronze Small Avalokiteshvara Statue in Relaxed Position with Arms Resting on His Knee 7" $99.00
Bronze Bodhissatva Kwan Yin, Guan Yin Statue Holding Alms Bowl on Lotus Base 11" $249.00
Bronze 18 Armed Avalokiteshvara Statue on Triple Lotus Base in Padmasana Seated Position 12" $699.00
Bronze Standing Kwan Yin or Guanyin Elegantly Standing on Oceans Waves Holding Vase 14" $399.00
Bronze Ganesha Statue Dancing on Circular Lotus Base Holding Tusk, Goad, Noose & Conch 8" $149.00
Small Bronze Dancing Ganesha Statue Holding Conch Shell, Goad, Noose & Broken Tusk 6" $89.00
Masterpiece Bronze Bodhisattva of Compassion Avalokiteshvara Statue With 1000 Arms 64" $17499.00
Bronze Seated Green Tara Statue Holding the Stems of a Lotus & Utpala Flower in Her Hands 12" $399.00
Bronze Kwan Yin Standing on Fish in Roiling Ocean Holding Willow Branch & Vase Statue 18" $499.00
Bronze Small Statue of Kwan Yin Holding Wish Stick Standing on Lotus Flower Base 10" $139.00
Bronze Kwan Yin Statue Reclining on Rocky Crag in Majestic Pose with Amitabha Buddha Crown 16" $849.00
Bronze Seated Mahakala Statue with Head back & Mouth Open Holding Bell & Dorje 7" $299.00

Hand Made Buddhist Bronze Statues

View our bronze Buddhist statues of Green & White Tara, Avalokiteshvara, Amida Buddha, Kwan Yin & Amitabha hand made in China.

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