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Best Selling Large Garden Buddha Head Fountain Perfect Water Feature for Any Garden 50" $1599.00
4 Foot Tall White Marble Dhyana Mudra Meditating Gandhara Garden Buddha Statue 49" $5999.00
PREORDER Large Garden Buddha Sculpture in Anjali Mudra or Namaste Hand Position 59" $2599.00
Buddha Head Fountain Statue Perfect for Indoors or Outside in a Garden with Basin Included 28" $799.00
Fiberglass Hindu God Ganesha Statue Seated on Vahana, Mooshika the Rat in Abhaya Mudra 11" $99.00
Seated Abhaya Mudra Ganesh Statue with Rat 10" $99.00
SOLD Sri Lankan Meditating Buddha Statue in Dhyana Mudra with Urna or Third Eye on Forehead 19" $399.00
Brass Thai Buddha Statue in the Bhumisparsha Mudra or the Earth Touching Hand Position 12" $119.00
Brass Teaching Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth Sculpture Seated on Lotus Base Granting Boons 17" $429.00
Brass Large Golden Peacock Deepam with 2 Lamp Tiers Perfect for Diwali 48" $699.00
Beautiful Brass Sculpture of the Hindu Goddess Kali Dancing Wearing a Crown & Garland of Skulls 23" $579.00
Large Brass Trishul or Trident the Weapon of Lord Shiva destroys bonds that Ensnare the Soul 42.5" $559.00

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