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Hindu Saints Statues

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Custom Hand Carved Stone Indian Black Granite Large Patanjali Statue Namaste Mudra 93" $12000.00
Large Stone Namaste Patanjali Sculpture in Silent contemplation Beneath 5 Headed Serpent 77" $14999.00
Brass Statue of the Indian Guru Sai Baba of Shirdi Believed to be Incarnation of Dattatreya 18" $599.00
Vedanta Desika Indian Philosopher & Vaishnava Guru, South Indian Bronze Statue 13" $1599.00
Black Granite Karuppu Sami: Hindu Deity of Power and Protection Sculpture 26" $1199.00
Bronze Statue of Varun: Cambodian Artistry Meets Hindu Deity 16" $599.00
Bronze Vaishnavite Saint, Andal Statue with Parrot Only Female of the 12 Alvar Saints 12.5" $469.00
Madurai Veeren: South Indian Panchaloha Bronze The Warrior of Madurai Statue 10" $369.00
Brass Statue of Hindu Saint Patanjali with Beard in Namaste Hand Position in Serpent Form 17.5" $329.00

Hindu God Pantanjali Statues

View all our Hindu God Patanjali statues. Often called "the father of yoga" Patanjali was the sage who codified his thoughts and knowledge of yoga in The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. In this work, Patanjali compiled 195 sutras or concise aphorisms that are essentially an ethical blueprint for living a moral life and incorporating the science of yoga into your life. Although no one is sure of the exact time when Patanjali lived and wrote down his sutras, it is estimated this humble physician who became one of the world's greatest sages roamed India somewhere between 200 B.C. and 200 A.D.

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