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Devi Statues

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Antique Hand Carved Stone Shakti Mariamman Statue on Metal Base 36" $49000.00
Colorful Wood Devi Statue with Swirling Heena Designs Looking into a Mirror 36" $689.00
Colorful Hand Carved Neem Wood Standing Devi Holding Mirror Sculpture 36" $660.00
Brass Devi Statue with Her Hand Over Her Head Gazing Into a Mirror on Circular Lotus Base 14" $289.00
Custom Order for Large Devi Tara Statue in Dhyana Mudra Holding Lotus Flower 83" $24999.00
Wood Dancing Meenakshi of Madurai Statue with Peacocks & Dancing Temple Dancers, Basavis 62" $1499.00
Grey Marble Uma Devi STatue Standing Beneath Tree with Swan Hand Carved by Master Artist 25" $1299.00
Grey Marble Uma Devi Statue Gazing at Her Reflection in a Mirror with Almond Shaped Eyes 25" $1169.00
Stone Garden Planter or Bird Bath with 4 Devi Parvatis Carved in Bas-Relief with Base 55" $1699.00
Wood Dancing Devadasi Temple Dancer Statue Holding Mirror Hand Carved & Painted 36" $689.00
PREORDER Enormous Stone Devi Garden Bust Hand Carved from One Block of Stone in Java 98" $25999.00
Stone Standing Devi Tara Holding Flower Statue Hand Carved from 1 Block of Lava Stone 52" $1999.00

Hindu Goddess Devi Statues

View all our Hindu Goddess Mother Devi statues. The Hindu Goddess Devi is the supreme mother of cosmos, the female aspect of the divine.

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