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Tara Goddess Statues

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Tall Natural Lava Stone Standing Devi Tara Fountain Holding Water Jug Left Hip 73" $2499.00
Tall Natural Lava Stone Devi Tara Fountain Statue Holding Water Jug Right Hip 73" $2499.00
Stunning Colored Lava Stone Devi Tara Meditating Garden Sculpture with Lotus Flower 43" $3899.00
Stone Standing Devi Tara Statue Holding Flower Hand Carved from Lava Stone 60" $3299.00
Stone Standing Devi Tara Holding Flower Statue Hand Carved from 1 Block of Lava Stone 52" $1999.00
Stone Devi Tara Bust Statue with Saffron Highlights with Detailed Headdress & Jewelry 44" $2999.00
Lava Stone Saffron Standing Devi Tara Sculpture Vitarka Teaching Mudra with Lotus Flower 68" $4999.00
Lava Stone Hand Carved Devi Tara Garden Statue with Saffron Highlights 34" $1699.00
Lava Stone Devi Tara Bust Sculpture with Headdress and Jewelry Hand Carved in Indonesia 41" $1299.00
Large Saffron Lava Stone Lalitasana Seated Vitarka Devi Tara Outdoor Sculpture 51" $3999.00
Indonesian Brass Standing Tara Statue on Lotus Base Holding Utpala Flower Cast in Java 24" $399.00
Devi Tara Bust Sculpture Hand Carved Lava Stone from Indonesia with Headdress and Jewelry 41" $2999.00

Tara Goddess Statues

Lotus Sculpture sells a wide variety of Devi Tara statues.  Each Devi Tara statue is handmade in bronze, brass, wood, stone or marble by artisans across Asia.  Devi Tara statues are perfect both inside the home or in your garden.  

In Buddhism, Tara is a Bodhisattva who represents the virtues of success in work and achievement. She is also known as the "mother of liberation", and offers protection from the dangers and fears of this world. Tara is usually depicted as a young woman, but can also appear in other forms such as an old woman or a child. In Tibet, she is especially popular and is often depicted with green skin, symbolizing her ability to overcome obstacles. Hindus also have a goddess named Tara, who is considered to be a manifestation of the supreme goddess Shakti. However, there is no connection between the two figures, and they are worshipped independently by their respective followers.

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