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Fat & Happy Buddha Statues

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Antique Wooden Fat And Happy Buddha Statue Hand Carved from Solid Suar Tree in 1920's 60" $9999.00
Huge Brass Gold Leaf Fat & Happy Hotei Buddha Sculpture Holding Gold Ingot & Bag of Coins 69" $8999.00
Thai Brass Fat & Happy Songachai Buddha of Wealth Seated on Double Lotus Throne Statue 12" $259.00
Brass Songachai Thai Style Fat & Happy Buddha in Teaching Mudra Holding Gold In Hand 15" $269.00
Songachai Fat & Happy Buddha of Wealth Thai Buddha Statue with Both Hands on Belly 12" $269.00
Brass Fat & Happy Thai Songachai Buddha of Wealth Standing with Both Hands On Belly 15" $269.00
Thai Brass Fat & Happy of Wealth Songachai Statue in Vitarka Mudra of Teaching the Dharma 12" $259.00
Brass Small Thai Style Fat Buddha Statue Known as Songachai with Both His Hands on His Belly 8" $79.00
Porcelain Fat & Happy Buddha Statue Seated on a Mound of Gold Coins Wearing Mala Beads 9" $229.00
White Porcelain Fat & Happy Buddha of Wealth & Prosperity Statue Holding Gold Ingot & Sack 16" $349.00
White Marble Fat & Happy Buddha with 5 Children Sculpture Representing Life, Joy & Abundance 38" $5999.00
Brass Thai Songachai Fat & Happy Buddha Statue With 2 Hands Holding His Enormous Belly 37" $4999.00

Fat & Happy Buddha Statues

The lovable fat, happy, laughing Buddha represents the ideals of good health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and longevity. The Fat and Happy Buddha is known as Budai (Chinese) and Hotai (Japanese). 

He is lovingly referred to as the Happy Buddha, Laughing Buddha or the Buddha of Wealth.

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