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Durga Statues

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Custom Black Granite Hand Carved Goddess Durga Sculpture with 18 Arms & Lion 63" $7500.00
Brass Durga Statue in Abhaya Mudra Holding a Trident While Riding Atop Her Vahana, Lion 17" $599.00
Brass Statue of the Hindu Goddess Durga with 8 Arms Holding Weapons Riding on Lion 12" $289.00
White Marble Hindu Goddess Durga Statue Riding Lion Hand Carved in Holy City of Varanasi 35" $2999.00
Brass Torso of the Invincible Hindu Goddess Durga with 8 Arms Holding Weapons on Wood Base 69" $3499.00
Brass Statue of Hindu Goddess Durga with 8 Arms Standing on Buffalo Demon, Mahishasura 22" $999.00
Brass Puja Bell with 6 Depictions of the Hindu Goddess Durga Statue with 4 Peacocks 34" $299.00
Small Brass Hindu Goddess Durga Statue Riding Her Vehicle Lion with 8 Arms Holding Weapons 9" $149.00
Brass Durga Statue with Lion Atop Buffalo Slaying Buffalo Demon, Mahisha with her Trident 13" $299.00
Brass Durga or Narayani Holding Sword, Arrow, Conch, Discus, Bow, Shield & Parrot on Buffalo Head 12 $239.00
Brass Bell Depicting 5 Scenes from the Hindu Goddess Durga, Perfect Bell for Start of Puja 31" $139.00
Ruby Zoisite Mala with 108 Beads, Seven Chakra Stones and Amethyst Associated with Durga $399.00

Hindu Goddess Durga Statues

View all our Hindu Goddess Durga Statues. All our Durga statues are hand made in Asia.  Our Durga statues are hand crafted from bronze, brass, colored marbles, stone and wood.
The Hindu Goddess of Durga is the most powerful aspect of Devi. Durga means "the invincible" or "the inaccessible".  Durga is considered the fiercer, demon-fighting form of Shiva's wife, the goddess Parvati. Durga manifests fearlessness and patience, and never loses her sense of humor, even during spiritual battles of epic proportion.
We invite you to bring the power of the Hindu Goddess Durga into your home with one of our handmade Durga statues.

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