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Brass Hindu Goddess Kali Statue with 10 Heads, 10 Arms & 10 Legs Standing on Lord Shiva 15" $299.00
Brass Relaxing Hindu God Ganesha Sculpture Reclining on Couch with 2 Peacocks 10" $159.00
Brass Kali Statue Standing on Corpse of Shiva Holding Trident Wearing Necklace of Skulls 14" $249.00
Brass Hanuman Statue Meditating with Long Tail & Chest Open Showing Rama in His Heart 15" $379.00
Brass Ganesh Wall Hanging Oil Lamp with 2 Peacocks, 2 Lions, 1 Elephant Deepam & Bell 15.5" $129.00
Brass White Tara Statue Seated in Full Lotus Pose Wearing Crown Holding 2 Lotus Flowers 11" $199.00
Brass Indian Elephant Statue with Decorations on Trunk & Head with Trunk Raised for Good Luck 8" $189.00
Brass Buddha Statue on Lotus Throne in Half Lotus Pose in the Vitarka Mudra of Teaching 15" $299.00
Brass Durga Statue with Lion Atop Buffalo Slaying Buffalo Demon, Mahisha with her Trident 13" $299.00
Brass Durga Holding Sword, Arrow, Conch, Discus, Bow, Shield & Parrot on Buffalo Head Base 12" $239.00
Brass Statue of the Wife Lord Shiva, Meenakshi of Madurai Holding Parrot on Her Hand 36" $1199.00
Beautiful Brass Hindu Puja Bell Depicting the Life of Lord Krishna With 4 Peacocks on Top 34" $299.00

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View our newly arrived Hindu and Buddhist statues. We have Ganesha statues, Buddha statues, modern abstract Ganesh, and much more!

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