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Nataraja Statues

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Antique Lost Wax Method South Indian Panchaloha Bronze 19th Century Nataraja Statue 36" $59000.00
Down Payment for Custom Bronze Shiva as Nataraja Sculpture with Surrounding Prabhamandala 84" $14999.00
Little Metal Nataraja Statue 2" $15.00
Fiber Nataraja Dancing on Top of Dwarf 12" $110.00
Large Brass Dancing Shiva as Nataraja the Hindu God of Destruction & Creation in Oval Arch 56" $2999.00
SOLD Brass Golden Dancing Nataraja Statue 32" $1190.00
Brass Dancing Shiva Statue on Dwarf Apasmara 16" $349.00
Large Wood Dancing Shiva as Lord of Dance, Nataraj with Flame Arch Hand Carved in India 71" $5499.00
Brass Hindu God Shiva Nataraja, the Cosmic Lord of Dance, Destruction & Rebirth Sculpture 25.5" $899.00
Brass Dancing Nataraja with Yali Arch 33" $1049.00
Painted Wood Lord Shiva as Nataraja Statue 18" $499.00
Large Wooden Shiva as Nataraja Sculpture 70" $5499.00

Hindu God Nataraja Statues

View all our Hindu God Nataraja statues. As Nataraja (Sanskrit: Lord of Dance) Shiva represents apocalypse and creation as he dances away the illusory world of Maya transforming it into power and enlightenment.

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