Masterpiece Cambodian Stone Vishnu Sculpture with Eight Arms on Black Wooden Base 67.5" (#157s43): Hindu Gods & Buddha Statues
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Masterpiece Cambodian Stone Vishnu Sculpture with Eight Arms on Black Wooden Base 67.5"
Item# 157s43
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Masterpiece Cambodian Stone Vishnu Sculpture with Eight Arms on Black Wooden Base 67.5"
Item# 157s43

Masterpiece Cambodian Stone Vishnu Sculpture with Eight Arms on Black Wooden Base 67.5"

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Statue Details
Materials: Sandstone hand carved in Cambodia with Black Wooden Base
Total Height Including Base: 67.5 inches or 132 cms
Widest Point: 28 inches
Figure Height: 49 inches
Base Height: 12 inches
Base Width & Depth: 22 x 11 inches
Weight: Approximately 400 pounds or 180 kgs
  • This masterpiece Vishnu is an almost exact copy of a 9 foot Vishnu statue that is the highlight of the Phenomh
  • The deep brown sandstone with a full-body arch frames Vishnu's commanding presence
  • Defined muscles and tightly curled locks under the headdress add to Vishnu's majestic depiction
  • Resting on a black wooden base, this sculpture balances spiritual symbolism with artistic grandeur
  • He is hand carved from sandstone, completely one of a kind, tyou will recive this exact statue with your order
Unveil the grandeur of Hindu mythology with our life-size, hand-carved Cambodian sandstone sculpture of the Hindu God Vishnu. Renowned for his role as the preserver and protector, this magnificent Vishnu sculpture is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and spiritual symbolism.

The statue is crafted from natural polished sandstone, boasting a deep brown, rich, earthy coloring that enhances its majestic presence. Vishnu stands in a commanding pose, surrounded by a full-body arch, which adds a celestial aura to his depiction. Each of his eight arms holds symbolic objects that signify different aspects of his divine powers. These include a water vessel representing life-giving properties, a copy of the Vedas embodying wisdom, a chakra discus for protection, a flame symbolizing destruction for creation, and a deer representing harmony with nature.

Vishnu's attire is simplistic, reflecting his humility, and is crowned with a tall, conical-shaped headdress that signifies his royal divinity. His physique is well-defined, with prominent ab muscles, long earlobes, and tightly curled locks of hair that frame his face and cascade from the back of his head, tucked under his headdress.

This life-size sculpture rests on a large, square, black wooden base, providing stability and a striking contrast that highlights the intricate details of the sandstone carving. The combination of the sandstone with the wooden base makes it an ideal sculpture for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Ideal for a temple, spiritual center, or as a significant piece in a private collection, this sandstone sculpture of Vishnu is more than just a piece of art; it's a celebration of Hindu culture, a symbol of protection and preservation, and a testament to the rich heritage of Cambodian artistry.

I always say to our customers; The sculpture chooses you, you do not choose the sculpture.
You just know when you find the right piece to bring into your home and into your heart.
- Kyle Tortora, Founder of Lotus Sculpture

"Only the unlearned deem myself (Vishnu) and Shiva to be distinct; he , I , and Brahma are one, assuming different names for the creation, preservation and destruction of the universe.  We, as the triune Self, pervade all creatures; the wise therefore regard all others as themselves."
Vishnu explains the Nature of the Trinity (trimurti ~

Vishnu is one of the principal Hindu deities, worshiped as the protector and preserver of the world and restorer of dharma (moral order).  He is known chiefly through his avatars (incarnations), particularly Rama, Krishna and Buddha.  In theory, Vishnu manifests a portion of himself anytime he is needed to fight evil, and his appearances are innumerable; but in practice, ten incarnations are most commonly recognized. 
Vishnu appears to be a prime example of how older gods and cults have been absorbed into Hinduism.  Thought to be linked with an earlier sun god, Vishnu's ten incarnations may also be examples of older gods that have been amalgamated.
Vaishnavites, one of the largest Hindu groups, are the devotees of Vishnu as Ishvara, the Supreme Being, worshiped in the forms of his manifestations or incarnations.  Because of his pervasive presence, images as the focus of worship are of great importance, as are temple architecture and carving.

The Ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu

Vishnu's preserving, restoring, and protecting powers have been manifested in the world in a series of ten earthly incarnations known as avatars.  The avatars arrive either to prevent a great evil or to affect good upon the earth.  Nine are said to have descended already: three in nonhuman form, one in hybrid form and five in human form.  The most important are Rama, fearless upholder of the law of dharma  and Krishna; youthful hero of the Bhagavad-Gita  Vishnu's final avatar is expected to arrive at a time when the earth is at the end of its present cycle, with the purpose of destroying the world and subsequently recreating it.
Matsya the Fish - Saved humanity and the sacred Veda text from the flood.
Kurma the Turtle - Helped create the world by supporting it on his back. 
Varaha the Boar - Raised the earth out of water with his tusks.
Narashima, half-man, half lion - Destroyed a tyrant demon king.
Vamana the Dwarf - Subdued king Bali, a powerful demon.
Parashurama the Brahmin - Destroyed the warrior caste.
Rama - Rescued his with Sita and killed the demon Ravana.
Krishna - told the Epic poem Bhagavad-Gita to the warrior Arjuna.
Buddha - The enlightened one.
Kalki the Horse - Yet to come to the earth.

Click here to learn more about Vishnu

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Masterpiece Cambodian Stone Vishnu Sculpture with Eight Arms on Black Wooden Base 67.5"

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Masterpiece Cambodian Stone Vishnu Sculpture with Eight Arms on Black Wooden Base 67.5"

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