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Library Donations for Poor Indian Schools

From January 1st, 2005 through January 31st, 2005 Lotus Sculpture collected donations for the fishermen of Tamil Nadu, India who were directly affected by the tsunami of December 26th.  Lotus Sculpture donated $1,728 while friends and strangers alike donated $1,304.74 bringing the total donations to $3,032.74 or 132,166 Indian Rupees.  this money was spent on fishing nets for fishermen who lost everything in the tsunami.  
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In December of 2005 Lotus Sculpture collected donations for a project to bring clean drinking water to schools in Tamil Nadu, India.  We managed to raise $600 from private donations as well as contributed $1000 ourselves.  Of the total amount raised 67,501 Rupees, we spent 28,853 Rupees on the water project, leaving a balance of 38,647 Rupees. 
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Each school received two steel racks to store the books as well as a small starter library with school books

In conjunction with the Lions Club of Chidambaram, we looked to other avenues to do good for school children in rural villages of Tamil Nadu.  After visiting several poor schools in the area and speaking with the principals of the schools we decided the best way to allocate the remaining money left in our account from donations made last year was to buy books and start on a small "library" for 4 schools that had no access to any school books. 

We decided to purchase library books as well as steel racks to store the books for each school.

Each school received two steel storage racks as well as a small selection of educational school books.  The books were purchased at a discount book fair to assure that we received the most amount of books for our investment. 

Our plan going forward is to locate more schools that need a mini library and to donate more books each year to the schools that already have the library.


Our Accounts

In total we donated 67,501 Rupees. 
The total spent of the two water projects 28853.50R
Leaving a balance of 38647.50R

Purchase of Library Books and 2 Steel Storage Racks for Each School in the 4 villages of:

  • Vandurayan
  • Cengalmedu
  • Kadavacherry
  • Koolbankoil

Total spent of the racks and books was 30,922 Rupees.

The balance amount of our account with the Lions Club is 7725 Rupees.  We will look for more projects in the future!

Lotus Sculpture is proud to say that 100% of each and every Rupee went to the cause of our choosing. Not one Rupee was spent on administration or any other peripheral expense.



If you would like to make a donation please contact Kyle at [email protected] or
call him at 1(866) LOTUS-12 or 760-994-4455

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