Foam Packing, Lotus Sculpture Packing Process
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Lotus Sculpture Professional Foam Packing

The goal of our new packing system is to ensure that our customers will have the most pleasant experience possible ordering from us from start to finish with no mess and no broken statues. 

The foam injection system by Instapak makes a perfect foam mold of each statue while in the box it will be shipped.  This ensures that the statue is completely protected and will not move during shipping and most importantly arrive safely to your door step.

Below is a virtual experience of receiving your Lotus Sculpture order... 

First you receive a box, neatly taped with our name and logo so you know what is inside the package.

Upon opening your package the first thing you will see is an envelope with your name on it.  Inside the envelope is some information about the statue you chose to purchase, a receipt, a business card and postcard from of Lotus Sculpture.

Next you will see an extremely neat, clean, and easy to remove block of foam.

After taking the box away it is easier to see that there are only two pieces of foam (each wrapped in a film) securing your statue.

Simply remove the top piece and waiting for you is your beautiful statue from Lotus Sculpture.

After taking the statue off you can see that the foam block is actually form fitted around the specific statues nooks and crannies.

Below is a demonstration of how we pack each statue

First we line the Uline Cardboard, 250 pound tested, box with a layer of film.

Next we take our Instapack foam injection gun and shoot the liquid foam into the box

Shoot until there is an even layer covering the bottom of the box.

As the foam slowly starts to rise, we cover it with the film to contain it.

Once the foam is completely covered by the film...

We are ready for the statue...

Place the statue on the foam so that it only touches the protective film.

As the foam is still growing gently push the statue deeper into the foam...

This ensures that all crevices of the statue are filled with foam to protect it and reduce the chance of damage during shipping.

Now it is ready for the second block of foam.

Here is what it will look like when you remove the statue. Notice all the indentations which are an exact copy of the statue.

Starting the second foam block is basically the same process.  This time we cover the statue and first foam block with the film.

Shoot the liquid foam into the empty spaces.

Keep shooting...

The foam starts to grow...

As it slowly grows, cover it with the excess film making sure that it is all contained.

Close the box before it grows too much!  This causes the foam to fill in all the empty spaces instead of growing outside the box.

Now we have a package with a safe statue inside ready for delivery.

The last step is to tape the package with our custom glue tape by Better Packages. The high quality glue tape creates an unbreakable, tamper proof seal on the box.

Instapak Foam Return Program

The foam packaging material is comprised of a creamy yellow polyurethane foam encased in a silver, white or pink polyethylene film. The cushion (both foam and film) can be returned to Sealed Air.

Sealed Air has established 25 return centers worldwide for Instapak foam cushions.

Please ship the cushions prepaid (CODs will not be accepted). If you prefer to drop the material off, please call the site in advance. The cushions may be bagged, baled or boxed. The foam must be clean, dry and not adhered to any corrugated (cardboard) material. Some recipients collect the foam in the largest available box that does not incur "oversize" charges through UPS or FedEx Ground and compress as much foam as possible into the box before sending it to us.  Lotus Sculpture can email you a UPS label for the return of your postage to the closest return facility.  The facilities are listed on the right hand bar above.

In addition to our return locations, some local packaging stores accept the material for reuse, especially if the size of the individual cushions is not overly large. Check for local acceptance.

Free UPS Ground Shipping SALE!

For a limited time we are offering free UPS Ground shipping on all orders within the 48 States. International customers will receive a 40% discount off the price of shipping. This discount will be extended to our Canadian customers as well!

Items weighing over 150 pounds including packing materials will be shipped using a freight service. Domestic Freight will be discounted by 35%!