Lotus Sculpture: Tsunami Pictures of Donations to the Fishermen of Tamil Nadu
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Tsunami Pictures of Donations to the Fishermen of Tamil Nadu

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Arriving in India

The donated settlements on the way to Mahabalipuram.


People were still afraid to go back to their old homes by the ocean.


The new homes set up by the government.

People did not use them because they were to far away from the ocean.


Ananda, the owner of the bungalow, told me that there was a tourist couple inside the room during the tsunami, they were woken up by the waves.  The waves reached the top of the second staircase!  The couple went to the top of the bungalow and jumped off the back of the roof fearing that an even bigger wave would come.   They lost all of their belongings. 

Going Further South; Chidambaram

The sub collector for the Chidambaram district in his home. 

Sethumadavan, who helped Arun and I find what villages were most affected. 

On our rounds to find where to buy fishing nets for the best price. 

Fishing Nets

The wife of the fishing supply shop owner was there and in Tamil language she told Arun that they had not received any aid from the government.  Arun thought this quite ridiculous.  It was assumed that with all the fishing nets lost during the tsunami the store would be selling many new nets to replace the nets that were lost.  However, we were advised that in order to be competitive with other fishing supply stores they had to give nets on credit.  With the large number of fishermen losing everything, including their fishing nets, how would they be able to collect on the loans if the fishermen they gave the nets to on credit were either dead or had no means to pay back the loan?  She said they lost 2,500,000 Rupees or $60,000 in nets.

Visiting the Village

The local mayor showing Arun what villages were most affected. 



Arun talking with the local fishermen

All the boats were damaged.
  Most are still not seaworthy. 

The funeral of a man who died of injuries from the tsunami. 

An old woman at the funeral.



Two boats stranded on an embankment.

What was once a house. 


The village cows all survived the tsunami. 

The village.




It was such a beautiful area.  There was a canopy of palm trees with a long beach in front of it.  It must have been a beautiful village. 

The waves destroyed all their homes.


Only debris remains.


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This whole area was filled with huts.  Everything was swept away.

The Temple and Resettlement

Bags of rice at the local temple.

Rice and dahl.




People cueing for their share of the donated food.






A very cute little girl in her new home!


The new homes set up by the NGO.


A Hindu festival near the settlement.

Finalizing the Nets

Weighing the nets.


Loading the nets.



The uncut nets.


Starting to cut up the nets into equal portions.

Half way through!



Almost done.



All finished!

Loading the nets to be taken to the village.

The Best Part...Giving the Nets Away!!!

The fishermen.


In appreciation they gave me saphron coated mala and lime.


Shaking hands with the village leader.



Giving away the nets!!!


I was so happy for them and that we were able to make this happen for them!


All the fishermen with their new nets donated by the friends of Lotus Sculpture!




A receipt of what was given to the village signed by the leaders of the village.

The list of names, in Tamil, of who received the nets.  This list was also given to the sub-collector so that he can coordinate the relief effort. 

The receipt for the fishing nets.


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