Lotus Sculpture: Lotus Sculpture Charity Water Project for 2 Schools
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Lotus Sculpture Charity Water Project for 2 Schools

Lotus Sculpture Charity Water Project for 2 Schools

During December of 2005 Lotus Sculpture collected donations for a project to bring clean drinking water to schools in Tamil Nadu, India.  We managed to raise $600 from private donations as well as contributed $100urselves. 

During the summer of 2006 with the help of the local Lion's Club in the village of Chidambaram we were able to restore 2 schools with potable water. 

We started by asking poor schools in the area around Chidambaram who we thought would be in need of assistance for their drinking water.  We received 12 letters from schools asking to be considered for this project. 

Over the months the Lion's Club visited the 12 rural schools in country side.  We selected the schools that had the most dedicated and responsible headmasters.  Headmasters who have maintained their schools and who were interested more in the well being of their children rather than for their own selfish reasons.       

The other schools were not chosen for the project because of poor maintenance of earlier donated projects.  For instance their was a project named "Creed" Association that supplied most schools in the area with water tanks and pumps.  In some of the schools we visited the pumps were not maintained and thus they no longer work.  We did not wish to rehabilitate these pumps if they would only fall into disrepair soon after.  The two schools we have chosen will maintain the pumps given.


School 1 Van Rayan Petta  In this public school there was previously no drinking water available.  Here we supplied a new water tank.  Newly installed all piping, water pump and faucets. 

In the school there are 350 -400 students and 11 teachers..

School 2 Cengal Medu which is also the name of the village  Previously there was no running water and no taps for toilet or for drinking.  They carried buckets.  Here we installed a new water pump and water lines from the tank.  The government supplied water tank was renovated  and we did minor repair to the drinking area and the toilet area.

We used plastic taps for the drinking area because metal taps can be stolen and sold for scrap metal.

In the schools there are 250 children grades 1st to 8th and 6 teachers.  The school is 10 KM from Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu.   

A letter written in Thanks from the headmaster of the Cengal Medu school;

"We express our profound gratitude for the work done in our school.  The drinking water work was long pending because of our paucity of funds and lack of will. You have been graceful in extending a helping arm to a needy school in which 450 school children will benefit.  Our special thanks go to My Kayal  (Kyle) who has jointly been responsible for bringing this facility a reality."

Our Accounts

In total we donated 67,501 Rupees. 

School 1 Van Rayan Petta 
Materials 5950R
Labor 8014R

School 2 Cengal Medu
Materials 5950R
Labor 8939.50R

Total spent of the two water projects 28853.50R
Leaving a Balance of 38647.50R




We are making preparations to find other schools that may need drinking water.  We have also started the process of providing these two schools we have already assisted with a working library. 

If you would like to make a donation please contact Kyle at [email protected] or call him at 1(866) LOTUS-12 or 760-994-4455

I would like to thank everyone who has helped out with this project, (especially Aruneshvaran and T. Norry) as well as our previous project of donating fishing nets to a fishing village who lost everything in the 2004 tsunami.


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