SOLD Pair of Large Wood Horse & Yali Brackets 49"

SOLD Pair of Large Wood Horse & Yali Brackets 49"

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This statue is sold. We may have another statue that is similar or we may be able to commission another for you. Please contact us at [email protected] or 760-994-4455 if you are interested in learning more.

Statue Details

Materials: Hand Carved Mango Tree Wood
Total Height Including Base: 49 inches
Base Width & Depth: 18 x 7 inches
Weight: 44 pounds each
Description These wooden brackets can be used in a variety of different and creative ways. The set would make a beautiful focal point of any entry way, or standing 49 inches tall, could be used to make a high table or shelve by placing a board across the top. The top of the brackets are carvings of a man riding a horse, a village guardian known as a Vir. Below the horse there is another man and a lion supporting the its front legs. Yali, a mythical creature, which is part crocodile, lion, & elephant is carved in the bottom of the brackets. Yali stands over another mythical creature.  At the top of the brackets, above the horse is a water spout typical of what you would see running off a roof of a south Indian temple.  Both sides of the brackets have very detailed carvings which add to the beauty of the pieces.

About Vir:  Beyond the borders of every village is a world hostile to man and society filled with spirits and wild beasts.  These creatures personify Nature's darker side that destroys crops, spreads disease and starts famine.  In order to keep these malignant forces out of their village or temple a hero is needed to come down from the heavens to patrol the village and keep all the forces of evil at bay.  This champion is a Vir who rides a great white stallion.  You can regularly see sculptures of Vir outside temples and in villages in south India.
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