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$2500 & $5000

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Bronze Navagraha; 9 Planets of Hindu Astrology 12" $4750.00
Bronze Dancing Ganesh Statue 27" $3950.00
Bronze Lakshmi Statue Holding Lotus Flowers 24" $2950.00
Bronze Meditating Shiva Statue 23" $3390.00
Bronze Meditating Saraswati Statue 21" $2590.00
Marble Shiva Statue Battling the Elephant 35" $4250.00
Bronze Jain Masterpiece Tri-Tirthankara Statue 20" $3400.00
Custom Shiva Bust with Cobras 36" $2000.00
Custom Set of 9 Granite Navagraha Statues 18" $3900.00
Polished Pink Granite Smiling Moai Sculpture 48" $4250.00
Polished Pink Granite Moai Statue 48" $4250.00
Black Granite Easter Island Moai Statue 48" $4250.00

Hindu & Buddhist Statues between $2500-$5000

Lotus Sculpture carries a wide range of Hindu Gods statues and Buddha statues to fit any budget.

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