SOLD Earth Touching Buddha Statue 15.5"

SOLD Earth Touching Buddha Statue 15.5"

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Statue Details

Materials: Thai Brass
Total Height Including Base: 15.5 inches
Base Width & Depth: 10 x 5 inches
Weight: 13 pounds
Description The Sukhothai style Buddha is sitting in the Earth Touching, Calling the Earth to Witness, or The victory over (Subduing) Mara position. He sits with folded legs (right on top of the left). The left hand is held in his lap with the palm facing upward. The right hand extends over the right thigh, near the knee, with the fingers pointing towards the ground, palm inward.

Sukhothai art refers to the art and style of the Sukhothai Empire period. It was was inspired by Theravada Buddhism which created a new style in which spiritual serenity is merged with human form and reflected in the numerous images of the Buddha. Sculptors did not base their images on strict human form but on interpretations of metaphors from religious verse and Pali language scriptures.

The first thing one sees about this style is the flame shaped finial emerging top of the head of the Buddha.  The face is round and smiling, with high curving highbrows, a hooked nose and mostly narrow lips.  The eyes are down cast as if in meditation.  The Buddha has a wealth of curls on his head which look like snail shells.  His earlobes are stretched.  This is from years of Siddhartha wearing heavy earrings from his princely youth. 

Exporting Buddhas from Thailand: 
As a Thai customs formality, Buddha sculptures are restricted to be exported out of the country.  The original law was established to protect Thailand's ancient religious artifacts and antique Buddha images from being stolen and sold illegally.  Until recently, this law was not actively enforced on newly made Buddha statues. In 2010, Lotus Sculpture experienced containers being confiscated en route to the USA, thus making importing increasingly difficult and costly.  This may lead to an end of importing Thai Buddhist images altogether, which would be a tragedy to all involved; our customers; our business; and especially for the artists who rely on selling Buddhist art to earn a living.  It is our view that we are promoting the export of a beautiful art and supplying images for personal religious practice, rather than causing any harm to Thailand or Buddhism. 
About Buddha
"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change."
 ~ Buddha~
The Buddha, whose original name was Siddhartha Gautama, was the founder of Buddhism, the religion and the philosophical system that produced a great culture throughout much of southern and eastern Asia.  Buddha, meaning "awakened one" or "enlightened one" is a title not a name.  In Hindu Dogma, the Buddha is viewed as being the 9th avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu.
The Buddha was a son of the rulers Sakyas.  He was married at the age of 16 and lived in luxury and comfort sheltered from the harsh realities of life.  When he was 29 he realized that men are subject to old age, sickness and death.  He became aware of the suffering inherent in existence.  He resolved to give up princely life and become a wandering ascetic (samana) in search for the Truth.
With the two of samanas he attained mystical states of elevated consciousness but he failed to find the Truth.  He continued his search and was joined by five ascetics in a grove near Uruvela, where he practiced sever austerities and self-mortification for six years.  When he fainted away in weakness, he abandoned ascetic practices to seek his own path to Enlightenment.  Discarding the teachings of his contemporaries, through meditation he achieved Enlightenment, or ultimate understanding.  There after the Buddha instructed his followers in the dharma (truth) and the "Middle Way" a path between worldly life and extremes of self-denial. 
The essence of the Buddha's early preaching was said to be the four Noble truths: 1) life is fundamentally disappointment and suffering.  2) suffering is a result of one's desires for pleasure, power, and continued existence; 3) to stop disappointment and suffering on must stop desiring; and 4) the way to stop desiring and thus suffering is the Noble eight fold path - right views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right awareness and right concentration.  The realization of the truth of anatman (no eternal self) was taught as essential for the indescribable state of release called nirvana.


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