SOLD Wooden Meenakshi of Madurai Statue 12"

SOLD Wooden Meenakshi of Madurai Statue 12"

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Statue Details

Materials: Hand Carved Mango Tree Wood from Tamil Nadu, India
Total Height Including Base: 12 inches or 30 cms
Base Width & Depth: 6.5 x 3 inches
Weight: 4 pounds or 2 kgs
  • Meenakshi of Madurai is the Goddess of the temple town Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India
  • She is a form of the Goddess Parvati who always has a parrot resting on her right hand
  • Meenaksi can stand alone or be hung on a wall. Please ask us to add a hook to the back of the sculpture in the "comments" section of the checkout
  • She ships the same day from our California showroom
  • Read our blog post about Meenakshi's temple, The Meenakshi Sundaresvara Temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Description This beautiful wooden statue depicts Meenakshi standing dressed in leggings with her mid section exposed and a long garland of malas wrapped around her neck.  Perched on her right hand is a parrot.  She is standing in abhanga standing position in which the body weight is supported by one leg, with both feet standing on the ground with knee slightly bent and the other leg straight out.  The word "abhanga" means, "with one curve, which is a reference to the curve of her hip.  The hip is pushed out in this stance not supporting any weight.  

About Meenakshi of Madurai:  The legend of Meenakshi of Madurai goes back to the days of Malayadwaja Pandya.  The king was childless and wanted the help of the gods to ensure him an heir to the throne. To win the favor of the gods, he performed an elaborate yagna, which is a sacrificial rite before a sacred fire.  To the wonder of all, a three-year-old girl emerged from the fire, ran to Queen Kanchanamala and sat on her lap. The king and queen were happy.  The girl had one abnormality; she had three nipples.  A divine voice assured the king that the abnormality would disappear as soon as she met her consort.  The girl grew into a beautiful princess, heroic on the battlefield as well.  Setting out on a digvijayam (career on conquest) she overcame all adversaries and, after a sequence of victories, proceeded towards the Himalayas.  In Kailash, when she met Lord Shiva on the battlefield, her third breast disappeared.
The princess was Parvati, Shiva's heavenly consort.  Kanachanamala (the wife of the King), as Vidyavathi in a previous birth, had received for her penance a boon from the goddess whereby Parvati would one day be brought up as her daughter. The goddess Parvati thus fulfilled Vidyavathi's wish in the form of Meenakshi.
About Devi
Kamatchi is the sweet Mother of love towards human beings.
She impels full control over kama

Devi is the Sanskrit word for "Goddess".  She is the core aspect of every Hindu Goddess. Devi is synonymous with Shakti, the female aspect of the divine, as conceptualized by the Shakta tradition of Hinduism. She is the female counterpart without whom the male aspect, which represents consciousness or discrimination, remains impotent and void.

Devi has many different names depending on where in India she is worshipped.  In Madurai she is referred to as Meenakshi, in Chidambaram Shivakami, and in Kanchipuram she is revered as Kamatchi.  In each city her likeness takes on different aspects as you can see by the variety of poses of Devi.  As Meenakshi she stands holding a parrot.  As Shivakami she stands next to her husband as Lord Nataraja and as Kamatchi holding fertility symbols.

Kamatchi is Devi in her creative manifestation bearing fertility symbols such as sugarcane, conch shell and parrot.  As Prakriti she balances out the male aspect of the divine.

"The use of a wood polish will keep the wood looking fresh and the colors vibrant."

Wood statues are easy to take care of as they just need some annual upkeep to keep them looking as they did when they were first carved.  All the wood used by Lotus Sculpure's artists is dried out for months.  Moisture causes cracks in the sculpture as the wood contracts and expands in different temperatures.  Our wood has little to no moisture in it assuring that the sculpture is not going to crack in its journey into different climates.  Here are some simple tips to keep your statue in good condition:

  • Dust the statue as needed to prevent dirt build up
  • To make the statue shine use a natural wood cleaner and a cotton cloth to buff the sculpture
We prefer Old English to polish and buff our statues.  The use of a wood polish like Old English will keep the wood looking fresh and keep the colors looking vibrant.  For natural wood and painted wooden statues we recommend Old English for lighter woods.  For darker wood statues we recommend Old English for darker woods.  Lotus Sculpture cleans and polishes each  wooden statue prior to shipping them to the customer.

We recommend keeping wooden statues in an indoor environment.  Wood statues can go outside however, they will wear more quickly and develop an antique appearance.  If you would like to put a wood statue from Lotus Sculpture outside and keep the same appearance of the sculpture we would recommend first coating the statue with a couple of layers of sealant or polyurethane.  We would then recommend placing the statue in a partially covered area.  The more exposure to the elements the more the statue will wear over time.   Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions regarding your wooden statue from Lotus Sculpture, (760) 994-4455 or [email protected]

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