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Balan's Statues

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Black Marble Teaching Buddha Statue 11" $459.00
Red Marble Gopal Krishna with Cow Statue 13" $399.00
Marble Shiva Battling the Elephant Statue 20" $899.00
Black Marble Dancing Ardhanari Statue 14" $499.00
Marble Teaching Buddha Statue With Halo 12" $459.00
Bronze Goddess Parvati Statue as Shivakami 40" $4950.00
SALE! Black Granite Easter Island Moai Statue 48" $3825.00
Bronze Dancing Ganesh Statue with 10 Arms 30" $3650.00
Bronze Reclining Shiva as Ardhanari Statue 20" $2699.00
Custom Granite Huge Moai Easter Island Head 132" $37500.00
Custom Big Easter Island Moai Head Statue 96" $23000.00
Red Marble Dancing Shiva With Trident Statue 14" $455.00

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