SOLD White Marble Gopal Krishna Statue 25"

SOLD White Marble Gopal Krishna Statue 25"

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Statue Details

Materials: White Marble Hand Carved from Varanasi, India
Total Height Including Base: 25 inches or 64 cms
Base Width & Depth: 7 x 5 inches
Weight: 33 pounds or 15 kgs
  • Krishna is the divine cowherder and one of the most popular Hindu gods
  • He stands in a relaxed position with one leg over the other and a small pot belly playing the flute
  • Krishna plays a metal flute decorated with colored stones. he has two peacock feathers coming out of his crown
  • He was hand carved from one block of white marble and completley one of a kind
  • Krishna ships the same day from our California gallery
Description Lord Krishna is said to be the first teacher of the art of living. Krishna plays his flute beguiling the cow herders daughters with his enchanting melodies and irresistible charisma. He is thought to affirm life by rejoicing in worldly pleasures teaching us to enjoy our time on this earth.  Krishna's body bends in three places. This is the most sought out posture of love and affection.  He plays a simple flute.  The hollowness of the flute symbolizes a human being who is devoid of Ego and desires. When you become like a flute, without a desires, the lord will take you up and breath through you to give you moksha.  The flute also symbolizes the yogic technique of pranayama (breath control). By doing pranayama, you go through 6 stages of spirituality which is indicated by the 6 holes in flute.  By standing on the lotus, Krishna gives us the advice to be like a lotus, which lay in the water with its roots in the mud.  The lotus is a symbolic of ones path to enlightenment.  A soul must first find ones way out of the cycle of suffering in this world to achieve moksha or enlightenment just as the lotus has risen from the mud to be a beautiful flower. 
Krishna is carved from one piece of white marble and painted in typical Norht Indian fashion.  He is hand carved and completely one of a kind.  When you order Krishna you will receive this exact sculpture pictured above.

About Krishna

One of the most widely revered and most popular of all Indian divinities, is Krishna worshipped as the eighth incarnation (avatar) of Vishnu. Krishna became the focus of a large number of devotional cults, which over the centuries have produced a wealth of religious poetry, music, painting and sculpture.

The child Krishna was adored for his mischievous pranks; he also performed many miracles and slew demons. As a youth, the cowherd Krishna became renown as a lover, the sound of his flute prompting gopis (wives and daughters of the cowherds) to leave their homes to dance ecstatically with him in the forests. His favorite among them was the beautiful Radha. Krishna's youthful dalliances with the gopis are interpreted as symbolic of the loving interplay between God and the human soul. Krishna affirms life in his pranks, music and lovemaking.

The rich variety of legends associated with Krishna's life led to an abundance of representation in painting and sculpture. The most reknown story surrounding Krishna is the Bahgavad Gita or Gita which is considered one of the most importatnt Hindu texts. The Gita is the conversation between Krishna and Arjuna. Krishna is explaining to Arjuna that it is Arjuna's moral obligation to fight in a war that will put him against some members of his family. Krishna like Vishnu is an upholder of the moral order of the universe.

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"Use a cotton cloth and gently buff the surface of the statue to bring out the natural polish of the stone."

White, red and black marble statues are easy to take care of as they just need some annual upkeep to keep them looking as they did when they were first carved.  Here are some easy tips to keep your White, red and black marble statues from Lotus Sculpture looking like the gods they are:
  • Dust the statue as needed to prevent dirt build up
  • To make the statue shine use a cotton cloth to buff the sculpture
  • You can use a small amount of natural oil such as coconut oil or olive oil to further polish the sculpture
  • Use a tooth brush to get into the hard to reach spaces of the sculpture
  • DO NOT TOUCH the painted surfaces of any of the white marble statues.  This will damage the painting if done often
White marble statues from Varanasi, India that are unpainted can be placed outdoors.  We recommend keeping our smaller red and black marble statues as well as any painted marble statues in an indoor environment.  The red and black marble statues have some delicate pieces that could chip if left outisde.  The paint from the white marble statues will not last for more than 4 years if left outside so use discretion when placing your statues outdoors. 
Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions regarding your wooden statue from Lotus Sculpture, (760) 994-4455 or [email protected]

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