Celebrating Diwali Festival of Lights in 2012

Celebrate Diwali with Hindus Across the Globe!

Deepawali or more commonly known as Diwali, is the largest and most pronounced Hindu festival of the year.  Known as the ‘festival of lights’, fireworks light the skies in merriment over a five day period. It is a celebration of life’s richness as families and friends gather together to partake in religious tradition.  The skies are brilliantly lit up with not only fireworks, but thousands of clay oil lanterns lay outside Hindu homes as they wish for a visit from the revered Lakshmi, the Mother Goddess of the world.  Some say the firecrackers are an effort to pay homage to the heavens for good health, enrichment, and prosperity.  Others believe the mere sound of their luminescence is a symbol of human joy upon earth, making the gods aware of human collective happiness.

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Originally Diwali is thought to have started in ancient times as a harvest celebration, but has since turned into a broader celebration of life itself.  Some legends say that it is a festival to honor the marriage between Lakshmi and Hindu God Shiva, while others of Kali, Goddess of time and change.  In most homes, Ganesh is also worshiped throughout the festival.

Diwali is celebrated around the globe.  It is a time to reap joy over the conquering of good over evil; a time to illuminate our lives both literally and figuratively as a message of hope.  In celebrating, one wishes for the strength to commit good acts throughout the year to come and to align oneself closer to the divine.

This year, celebrate the joy in your life and partake in the Diwali festival of lights within your home with your family and friends close at hand.  Simply light a candle and meditate on the richness of life and the power to make positive change within your life in the coming year.  This year’s Diwali festival begins on November 13th 2012.  Dont miss it!