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Best Selling Large Garden Buddha Head Fountain Water Feature for Any Garden 50"
Item# 85ls125z
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Best Selling Large Garden Buddha Head Fountain Water Feature for Any Garden 50"
Item# 85ls125z

Best Selling Large Garden Buddha Head Fountain Water Feature for Any Garden 50"

Item# 85ls125z 3318 Store Reviews
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Statue Details
Materials: Recycled Volcanic Stone Powder with Resin & Glue made in Java, Indonesia
Total Height Including Base: 50 inches or 127 cms
Widest Point: 34 inches from back of the head to nose & 34 inches ear to ear
Base Width & Depth: Neck of the Buddha 20 x 20 inches, The catch basin measures 40 x 40 inches
Weight: Head weighs 260 pounds or 120 kgs, Basin weighs approximately 298 pounds or 135 kgs
  • Over the years the 50 inch tall Buddha head fountain has been one of our most popular statues sold and can be used as a fountain simply by connecting a pump to the tube beneath the sculpture or used as a Buddha head sculpture as it is not mandatory to set it up as a fountain
  • The sculpture is the perfect water feature for any garden setting in both hot and cold environments
  • The fountain can be purchased with a catch basin to recycle the water when using it as a fountain or it can be turned upside down to use as a base if you want 12 inches of extra height, click here to view the catch basin
  • Looking for a larger Buddha head fountain?  It also comes in 5 foot tall Buddha head fountain and 6 foot tall Buddha head fountain sizes, Click here to read a blog post on how a customer installed the fountain in their garden
To use the Buddha head  sculpture as a fountain, you can connect a hose to the bottom that flows to an opening on the top of the Buddha's head. It is not required that you use the sculpture as a fountain. You can simply not hook it up as a fountain and then the statue can simply act as a Buddha head sculpture.  
The Buddha has a peaceful countenance with downcast introspective eyes and a firm brow.  His earlobes are stretched long from his youth spent as a prince wearing heavy gold earrings.  He has a circular urna or third eye on his forehead.  

If you purchase the Buddha head fountain and would like to use it as a fountain there are a couple of basic questions that can be answered:

  • The only piece of equipment you will need will be a submersible water pump. Here is a pump you can buy on amazon that works with the Buddha head fountain.
  • In order for the water pump to work you will need a power source nearby.
  • If you buy the catch basin with the Buddha fountain you will receive 3 blocks made from the same material as the Buddha fountain and base that fit inside the basin that the Buddha head is placed upon.
  • You will not need a constant supply of water.  The basin can be filled as needed as the water will naturally evaporate. 

Click on the video above to watch Kyle demonstrate the setup of a fountain pump for our Buddha Head Garden Fountains.
I always say to our customers; The sculpture chooses you, you do not choose the sculpture.
You just know when you find the right piece to bring into your home and into your heart.
- Kyle Tortora, Founder of Lotus Sculpture

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Here you can view how our freight statues are professionally crated.

Best Selling Large Garden Buddha Head Fountain Water Feature for Any Garden 50"

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Best Selling Large Garden Buddha Head Fountain Water Feature for Any Garden 50"

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