SOLD Garden Buddha Sculpture 90" (#1gyg1): Lotus Sculpture
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SOLD Garden Buddha Sculpture 90"
Item# 1gyg1

SOLD Garden Buddha Sculpture 90"

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  • Sold This statue is sold. We may have another statue that is similar or we may be able to commission another for you. Please contact us at [email protected] or 760-994-4455 if you are interested in learning more.
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Statue Details
Materials: Hand Carved Indian Black Granite
Total Height Including Base: 90 inches or 229 cms
Base Height: 24 inches
Base Width & Depth: 50 x 40 inches
  • This Buddha has been sold. However, you can custom order another. The price is $29000. A down payment of $12000 is required to start the project.
  • The Buddha is hand carved from one piece of solid granite
  • The lotus base is carved seperately
  • The Buddha is carved by master artisan; Baskaran
  • Invite peace and serenity into your garden with this majestic garden Buddha!
This piece is truly a stunning work of art, perfect for establishing a mood of peace and serenity for any garden or estate.  The Buddha sits in his pose of meditation with the most perfect expression of bliss on his face.  The slight chest and the curve of the collarbone are a true testament to the dignity of this piece.

The sculpture took 12 months to carve out of gray granite.  Attention was given to every detail.  As with most Buddha sculptures the focal point is the face.  The face is radiant, serene and utterly beautiful.  The nose, eyes and hair are flawless. &nbs;  The mouth retains a slight hint of a smile as is customary in meditating Buddhas.  Immediately when I saw this piece the hands and the feet caught my attention.  The sculptor's prowess is displayed here.  The proportions are perfect.  The hands are shown with all the details that hands have; lifelines, multiple creases in the skin around the joints, manicured fingernails and three little creases in the wrists which make you question if it is really a piece of granite.  The feet and toes are large, curvaceous and smooth.  The gossamer robes seem to be an extension of the Buddha's body, settling on Siddhartha with the ease that clothes should have.  Observe how the robe settles on the Buddha's left leg, how easily it comes down over his shoulder to rest in the crook of his left arm.

The same attention to detail is given to the back of the piece as the front.   The entire piece is made from two pieces of Granite, the Buddha and the lotus base.  The Buddha is 5 feet 8 inches tall. 

The lotus flower base of the piece is perfectly proportioned in respect to the Buddha.  As a rule bases should be much larger than the actual piece it supports, usually twice as wide.  Like the Buddha the piece is flawless.  The same attention is given to the lotus petals on the back as the front. 

This Buddha has been sold. However, you can custom order another. The price is $29000. A down payment of $12000 is required to start the project. We will send pictures of the carving process to you.  After completion and you have seen pictures and are satisfied we require full payment and the Shiva bust sculpture will be shipped to you.  The bust will take approximately 10-12 months to carve.  Please call us (760) 994-4455 or email us [email protected] with any questions.  A beautiful Buddha sculpture like this is worth waiting for!

About Indian Black Granite: 
Indian black granite is a wonderful stone. It is capable of a variety of finishes which can give it a variety of different color possibilities. It is possible to see 4-5 different colors on a single piece depending on the degree of polish or roughness of the stone. Indian black granite is among the best granite in the world sought after by artists globally. Unlike inferior quality granite, Indian granite is extremely dense and without impurities that plague other stones. The density of granite makes a granite sculpture perfect for any garden because it can be left outside in extreme heat and extreme cold for years without care.
I always say to our customers; The sculpture chooses you, you do not choose the sculpture.
You just know when you find the right piece to bring into your home and into your heart.
- Kyle Tortora, Founder of Lotus Sculpture
"If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change."
 ~ Buddha~
The Buddha, whose original name was Siddhartha Gautama, was the founder of Buddhism, the religion and the philosophical system that produced a great culture throughout much of southern and eastern Asia.  Buddha, meaning "awakened one" or "enlightened one" is a title not a name.  In Hindu Dogma, the Buddha is viewed as being the 9th avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu.
The Buddha was a son of the rulers Sakyas.  He was married at the age of 16 and lived in luxury and comfort sheltered from the harsh realities of life.  When he was 29 he realized that men are subject to old age, sickness and death.  He became aware of the suffering inherent in existence.  He resolved to give up princely life and become a wandering ascetic (samana) in search for the Truth.
With the two of samanas he attained mystical states of elevated consciousness but he failed to find the Truth.  He continued his search and was joined by five ascetics in a grove near Uruvela, where he practiced sever austerities and self-mortification for six years.  When he fainted away in weakness, he abandoned ascetic practices to seek his own path to Enlightenment.  Discarding the teachings of his contemporaries, through meditation he achieved Enlightenment, or ultimate understanding.  There after the Buddha instructed his followers in the dharma (truth) and the "Middle Way" a path between worldly life and extremes of self-denial. 
The essence of the Buddha's early preaching was said to be the four Noble truths: 1) life is fundamentally disappointment and suffering.  2) suffering is a result of one's desires for pleasure, power, and continued existence; 3) to stop disappointment and suffering on must stop desiring; and 4) the way to stop desiring and thus suffering is the Noble eight fold path - right views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right awareness and right concentration.  The realization of the truth of anatman (no eternal self) was taught as essential for the indescribable state of release called nirvana.


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Granite statues from India do not need much maintenance. The best way to maintain the statue is to simply dust the piece periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor use

You can use soap, warm water and a cotton cloth to periodically
go over the statue to remove any dust or dirt buildup.

Soap and warm water is the best way to maintain the statue. You can use a small brush to get into the small crevices of the statue like the hands and hair.

Granite's durability makes it perfect for cold winters and hot summers of any climate. The stone can stand up to the harshest conditions of heat and bitter cold. We suggest you bathe the sculpture at least once a year so that dirt does not collect on the sculpture. This will maintain the sculpture for your grandchildren and then their grandchildren!

If you have any questions concerning your Indian granite statue please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1(760) 994-4455.

USA Shipping

This sculpture is currently in our warehouse in India and will be shipped to our warehouse in Oceanside, California or directly to the custom depending on the where in the US the sculpture is being delivered. Lotus Sculpture pays for the shipping and import costs to Oceanside, CA. This process takes approximately 80 days. The client then pays for shipping from Oceanside, CA or the closest port to the final destination. Shipping is calculated after the purchase. If you place your order online shipping will be $0. Shipping will then be added to the invoice after the order is placed. Shipping will be calculated based on the weight of the sculpture and the distance from Oceanside, CA. Please call 760-994-4455 or email us [email protected] for a shipping quote.

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International Shipping

This sculpture is currently in our warehouse in India and will be shipped directly to the customer. This process takes approximately 80 days. Shipping is calculated after the purchase. If you place your order online shipping will be $0. Shipping will then be added to the invoice after the order is placed. Please call 760-994-4455 or email us [email protected] for a shipping quote.

SOLD Garden Buddha Sculpture 90"

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