The Third Eye in Hinduism & Buddhism

As the traditions change, the meaning of the third eye also changes. Here, are some of the common old and new concepts about the third eye in Hinduism and Buddhism.

shivas 3rd eye
Shiva’s third eye of spiritual wisdom and knowledge

Lord Shiva’s third eye

Lord Shiva, the destroyer and the restorer, is one of the most complex Hindu gods. The various symbols surrounding Him details the qualities and powers of the deity. The Lord is also known as Tryambaka Deva, as He is often depicted as having three eyes. The devotees consider His right eye as the Sun and the left eye as Moon. The third eye is the eye of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. It is believed that He uses the third eye to see beyond the apparent and protect the good ones from the evildoers. All the evil and the ignorance vanish as the third eye opens.
Hindus believe that the physical world will be destroyed if Shiva opens His third eye.

3rd eye of Lord Buddha
The Buddha’s third eye of higher consciousness

Buddhism and third eye

In Buddhism, the third eye refers to the Eye of Consciousness, which asks followers to see the world beyond their physical eyes. It advises people to see the world with their minds.

Modern concepts about the third eye in Hinduism and Buddhism

As per modern spirituality, the third eye is a symbol of enlightenment. It is often referred to as “gyananakashu”, (the eye of knowledge). In Indian and East Asian iconography, the third eye is the “Ajna chakra” or the sixth chakra. It is also known as brow chakra or brow center. The third eye, or “Eye of Wisdom”, or, in Buddhism, the urna, is denoted by a dot, or mark on the forehead in the deities of Shiva or Buddha.

In certain Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, the third eye is the gate that leads the followers within to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In the new concept, the third eye symbolizes a state of enlightenment.

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  1. (In the new concept, the third eye symbolizes a state of enlightenment) Yes I agree with this. About ten years a go I was in samadhi and saw myself with a shining light in the forehead. I was afraid because I didnot understand what it was. After a while when I was again in samadhi, Durga Maa appeard sitting on a tiger and gave me blessings and told me what it was. sins then I can understand de Gita, Bibel and all scripters without a help of a guru. I can see and fight with demons while sleeping. After one week I saw God in Samadhi and observed for five ours. Form of God stated in mantra eight of sri isopanisad. Yes 100 % true. I think Durga Maa gave me that to be able to see God. Jai Shri Krishna.
    its true. Jai shri Krishna.

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