Vietnamese Wood

View our Vietnamese wood artist and watch as they hand carve each Buddhist sculpture from wood.

Finishing of Wooden Buddhist sculptures in Vietnam
The process of carving wooden Buddhist statues in Vietnam
This Bodhidharma sculpture was the first statue I saw on my trip to Vietnam. I immediately fell in love!
A wood block is used to hammer the carving tool into the statue. The depth of the cut is determined by the power of the strike of the block.
A small tool is used to get the minute details of the face of a small Bodhisattva.
Artists work together in small groups to share on tasks with one person responsible for each part of the sculpture. It is also good for socializing!
The tools are are kept in a woven basket with an array of different shaped and sized tools. Each tool has a different use. The artists continually switch between tools.
I loved this Kwan Yin statue so much that I bought Her for a wedding present of one of my good friends.
Inspecting the different sized and shaped tools the artists use for carving.
This young lady was delightful to be around. She was continually smiling and talking to both me and the artists around her as she went about her business.
After the statue is filled down using sand paper a machine buffer is used to give the sculpture a shine.
So much time is spent finishing the statue. Days are spent with sand paper gong over the wood for smooth feel.
The artist, Hung and I with one of his carvings.