Pictures of Our Artisans

I have had a deep love for Asia and its people since my first trip to meditate in a Northern Thailand monastery when I was 18 years old. When I started Lotus Sculpture in 2000 that connection with Asia has blossomed into pure love! I have known many of our artisans since my very first buying trip in 2000 when the new adventure of Lotus Sculpture just started. Together, the relationships I have with my artisans has grown through the years and they are now like my second family. I take great pride in knowing personally almost all the artisans who make the statues sold in Lotus Sculpture. I invite you to join me on my journey through the remote villages where each statue is made and to meet the artisans who create the sculptures that enrich your homes, temples and lives with grace.

Thai Brass Artists

Jew is an amazing person! He is responsible for making all of our Thai brass statues. He basically supports an entire village with his work. He is so passionate about making Buddhas! Every time I am with him he says how he would be making Buddha statues even if no one bought them because he loves Buddha so much. His passion is infecting!

Jew & I took a day and went to explore the old Thai capital of Ayutthaya. I love this picture because the Buddha face is in a tree. We are bending to be lower than the Buddha as a sign of respect to the Buddha. One of the things I love about Thailand.
A new mold of meditating Buddha statue waitng to come to life! I love the Gandhara style with his flowing hair! He even wears a set of mala beads.
Wax models of some Buddha statues
A wax model artist making the mold for the flaming arch of a Buddha statue
I love sorting through the statues finding the best ones! It is so hot though!
The statue has to go through numerous rounds of coloring to get it just right
Cleaning off the patina after the coloring process
He couldnt stop laughing when I was taking his picture!
Applying the base color to the statue
The owner, Jew in with some of his favorite statues in his collection. These are the ones I love buying from him as he loves these as much as I do!
Beautiful new styles with antique coloring
The washed statues before coloring
Washing the statues off after the casting process before the coloring process