Indonesian Brass

Our Indonesian brass statues are one of a kind and made using the lost wax method. Typically they have a unique, antique green patina that differentiates them from other brass sculptures.

A wax model artist, Budi, holding a wax model of the body of Ganesha. Each wax model is handmade.
A collection of wax molds waiting to be cast. Each piece has its own earthen casing to maintain its shape during the firing process.
To save money and time the artists wait until they have many wax molds ready for the firing process. Here they are organizing the molds on top of the firewood.
Budi holding one of his completed Devi Durga statues.
A collection of his completed statues. Its always best to visit the artist to discover new designs.
After a day of viewing statues we found time to go to a local Buddhist temple where I was quickly adopted by a curious family.
I saw this hanging puja bell with owls on top of it immediately! Stunning!