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Why Buy A Lotus Sculpture?

The Reasons to Purchase a Lotus Sculpture

Lotus Sculpture first started our company on the premises of providing the artists of developing countries with a renewable source of income allowing them to continue their traditions of bronze, wood, marble and stone art that they have been practicing for centuries and hopefully make the industry and tradition thrive once again.

How do we do help keep the artistic traditions alive and well?

Working directly with the bronze artisans
  1. Lotus Sculpture works directly with the village artists who are producing each piece. We do not work with any middle men.
  2. We select only the best statues from every artist. This drives up the quality of what each artists produces. Each artists knows that Lotus Sculpture only buys the premier pieces. Over the years we have noticed a sharp increases in overall quality of the statues.
  3. We bring a world market to small villages. We communicate to the artist what our customers want to purchase and the artists are much more in touch with the world market
  4. We purchase many statues from each artist. This allows each individual artist to have a steady income, to concentrate on quality rather than quantity and it creates a need for more workers. This means that more young men are learning the trade. Thus the art form is steadily being passed to a new generation.

Direct Results: Since Lotus Sculpture has opened in 2001 we have seen 3 of our best artisans who were once working under other less promising circumstances thrive under the patronage of Lotus Sculpture.

View Balans Colored Indian Marble Statues
In south India, Balan, Lotus Sculpture's marble artist, started his first workshop with only 2 marble artists. He now has 4 marble artists and has also started a stone workshop which now employees 26 men. Lotus Sculpture purchases 100% of what Balan sells.
Click here to see Balan's Indian Marble Statues
Suri's Bronze Statues of Hindu Gods
Suri was the manager of a large bronze retailer. After meeting me in India for the first time in 2003 he went back to his artistic roots and has since started a small collective of bronze artisans. Lotus Sculpture is the main buyer of Suri and his fellow artisans' bronzes. Because of the regular income from Lotus Sculpture's purchases, the collective is now recognized by the government and is able to apply for government loans. The high price of bronze often makes it difficult for the average bronze artisan to purchase the raw bronze needed for their sculptures. The loans ease this burden. He now has 10 bronze workers under his care.
Click here to view some of Suri's bronze statues
View Sukantas Bronze Statues of Hindu Gods from Bangladesh
In Bangladesh Sukanta took over the workshop from his father in 2002 with only 4 bronze workers producing Pala style bronzes in the entire country. I visited him first in 2003. Since then with Lotus Sculpture steadily buying statues every year he now has 22 workers!
Click here to view Sukanta's Pala bronze statuess

The Benefits of Lotus Sculpture to you?

  1. Quality! We provide you with the best sculpture available! We only pick the best pieces from each artist. This gives you confidence that you are buying the best sculpture India, Thailand and Bangladesh has to offer.
  2. Confidence! We only buy pieces that are hand made and continuing centuries old artistic traditions. We do not deal in machine cast, copies. Many companies mix in machine cast rip offs with their lost wax method pieces. All our bronzes are worthy of worship in temples and are made of panchaloha or 5 metal bronze. Click here to learn about the difference between a Lotus Sculpture and a machine cast copy
  3. Ease of purchase. Anyone who has been to India knows the bureaucracy involved in anything that the government has its hand . In order to export a bronze statue you first must obtain a certificate from the archeology department of India which can take several months. You then must trust the artist to ship the sculpture over seas. This often takes months and a lot of worry and hassle. All our statues are available in our warehouse or store ready for immediate shipping to you. No hassle. No worries.
  4. Direct Trade.You can feel happy about the fact that you are helping small village artisans continue century old traditions by dealing with a company that does not use middle men.
  5. Value. Lotus Sculptures bronze pieces are hand made pieces worthy of worship. They are also beautiful works of art that can be valued by your family for generations to come!

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