Legends of Hindu Goddess Durga: The Invincible

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Durga is a vicious form of Hindu Goddess Devi, known for her indestructible nature.  She is commonly depicted with 18 arms all carrying weapons as she rides atop a fierce tiger. She carries a weapon given to her by each of the Gods including Hindu God Indra’s (God of Destruction) lightning bolt and Hindu God Vishnu’s (The Preserver) Discus.  These weapons are endeared to her as a defender of the world.  She is frequently seen slaying demons especially the buffalo demon known as Mahishasura.  It is said that she was created in order to fight off the incredible might of the asura Mahishasura, who could not be defeated by any male or god alike.  Mahishasura had been reigning incredible terror upon the earth and as the gods became helpless, Hindu God Shiva turned to his wife Parvati for help.  Parvati responded by traveling to an ashram to take on the role as female goddess warrior. The Gods also turned to Brahman, the supreme creator of all gods, for help and together they banned together emitting beams of light from their bodies.  The beam of light expanded to the Ashram where Hindu Godess Parvati had ventured and out of the light Durga was born, a fierce and eager female warrior goddess. She was formed of the female aspects of Brahman just as Shiva had once been formed of Brahmans male counterparts.  The gods were blessed and endeared by her.   As she fought with the revered Mahishasura she exclaimed:

“Roar with delight while you still can, O illiterate demon, because when I will kill you, the gods themselves will roar with delight”.

Eventually paralyzed by the blinding light constantly emanating from Durga’s body, the buffalo demon was slain with one swift slice of her sword as she erupted in laughter.

This account of her ferocious stand off and conquering of the buffalo demon is celebrated annually in the national festival Durga Puja, which falls on October 19-24th of 2012.  As an endeared Goddess, Durga’s divine feminine energies are thought to be a manifestation of all the gods.

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