Janmashtami: Celebrating the Birth of Lord Krishna

“Don’t judge me by what I am doing. Among the armed, I am like ram: I am like a crocodile among fishes, the Ganga among rivers. Dear Arjun, I am the beginning, the end, and even the middle of existence.”
Lord Krishna

Bronze Krishna Statue
Beautiful Bronze Krishna Statue

Hindu devotees throughout the world will be celebrating Janmashtami or Gokolashtami as it is known in North India on August 10th, 2012. The festival, also known as Krishna Jayanti, commemorates the birth of Hindu God Lord Krishna with enormous joy and long-standing traditions. This holiday is generally celebrated over a period of two days, or after midnight when the Lord Krishna is said to have been born.

Many rituals mark this event, including fasting, bhajans or songs of praise with traditional dances, and pujas or intense worship. A Lord Krishna statue or idol plays an important role in the pooja process. The day starts with a Gopal Krishna statue receiving a bath of gangajal (holy water of Ganga), ghee (liquid butter), honey and curd. The statue is adorned with precious jewelry and new clothes, preferably in the color yellow. A blessing and offering of bhog or food is given to the statue and followed by praise of Gopal. Throughout the day, the festival is observed with much happiness and devotion to the Lord Krishna.

Janmashtami is also a time of gifting to your friends and relatives to show respect and care for your elders. Lotus Sculpture carries the finest polished bronze and three metal Gopal Krishna statues. Each of them are one-of-a-kind, hand-made masterpieces made from the lost wax method from artists in South India.

Above all, it is a time to rejoice in the glory and share the teachings of Krishna.